May. 17th, 2005

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1. What heroic figure in literature or film always appealed to you? Have you ever pretended to be that character? Hmmm...Belle from "Beauty and the Beast", and probably when I was younger

2. Name something that, geez, everyone seems to love, but regarding which you just can't fathom what all the fuss is about. "Desperate Housewives"

3. Describe a recent creative moment, no matter how seemingly large or small. Answers of "nothing" or "aw, I'm not very creative" will not be accepted.
"channeling Wicked Pete" on Saturday in my (own) burgundy muffin hat

4. Do you match your underwear to your outfit?
sometimes, particularly if the outfit is lighter colored (don't want anything to show thru!)

5. Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith...gonna suck or gonna rock?
I really didn't want to be excited about it, I really didn't, but I saw the previews and I'm (tentatively) gonna say it's gonna rock.

6. What's the last thing that made you chuckle to yourself?
[ profile] supergoober's story about Japanese underwear

7. Did you wash your hair this morning? If so, what scent did your shampoo/soap have?
I washed it last night (does that count?) and I used Aussie shampoo, whatever scent that is

8. People often talk about what they might name their children...what is a name you would NEVER wish upon a child?
something where the first and last name go together, like Forrest Green (no kidding, I went to elementary school with him)

9. Have you ever gotten a significant electric shock or burn? How did it happen?
oh, several. The most recent was several years back, when there was a hot curling iron on my floor, I was trying to reach past it, and the heel of my hand came down on it. OUCH!

10. What food did you crave most recently?
I'm particularly girly today, so CHOCOLATE!

Bonus YamQuestions:
Band You Last Cranked Up on the Stereo: Janah
Band That Last Induced You to Say "Yuck": The Rolling Stones (I HATE the song "Angie"!)
Band That Always Seems to Make You Feel Happy: Duran Duran
Band That Always Seems to Make You Feel Crappy: I dunno of those angsty, alternacrap bands that all sound the same.
Band Whose Albums You Have the Most Of: either DD or Indigo Girls


May. 17th, 2005 05:35 pm
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How bad is it when I see a spam email with the subject line:

"Join the Revolution!"

and I inadvertently make the sign of the RAM?


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