Sep. 10th, 2005 03:16 pm
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It's sloooooow today....

[ profile] karmakeys...I walked into the Bar training, realized it would be a lot of tasting, and figured it was probably better for me not to drink alcohol on the job. ;)

[ profile] maddykins invited [ profile] captnsparrow and I to the set of her movie last night. She's props master for a low-budget horror flick called "Shiver." They're filming at the old Brawner Mental Institution in Smyrna. We arrived around 10:30, just as they were breaking for "lunch." She took us on a set tour...dude, I was totally creeped out! Apparently, the building is going to be renovated, so they were able to do whatever they needed to it...the ceiling has been torn, stuff has been drawn and painted all over the walls (including some bloody handprints and the like)...we even got to see a padded room where the padding had been all torn out! The creepiest part was the scratch-marks on the windows of the padded rooms and holding cells...which was NOT the doing of the movie people. Eep.

Went down to where the cast was having lunch, and got to see the ghost-her makeup was fabulous! Very creepy. But it was funny to see her sitting in a chair, in flip flops, eating a popsicle.

We hung out with Maddy until her lunch break was over, but we couldn't stick around to see any of the filming, because I, silly girl that I am, had worn flip flops. Open toed shoes on a set with all sorts of building materials and broken stuff on the floor = bad thing. She probably shouldn't have even taken us on a set tour, but she did anyway. :)


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